Friday, January 14, 2011


right now,im feeling depressed...its hard to satisfy not sure about it..but i got the feeling..that some people are hurt by my so sorry..i didnt mean to hurt your feeling..there are reasons for my really love to go..but seriously tonight i feel like i not stepping over you guys for my other just that i hope u will is very hard to satisfy everybody's feeling..i know that u guys will be hating me for very sorry i cant..i am really a jerk...worthless no good..ok hate me..sorry again


  1. aie kenak moy? pasal tadik ka? ada org x puas ati ka?? jgn la emo >.< huhu lain ari kta lepak gik k :)

  2. isma,il tell u later k..ym mek..
    azie,i just had the feeling..lak mek dh kmk..mek invi

  3. fenomena badmintonstika angkatan ke-6 ?