Wednesday, August 4, 2010


every weekdays, i will do all the following routines:

  1. wake up at 6 or before 6 am n kemas tilam
  2. put all dirty linen into the washing machine
  3. do all house chores (termasuk masak nasik n masak lauk for lunch)
  4. if i still have time (before go to class), i prepare my lunchbox..if not, no bekal la for me that day T_T
  5. sidai baju
  6. kemas2 bilit
  7. then i will take my bath~ (finally)
  8. go to class...
wah wah wah~ tiring yet cannot complaint...wat to do...@.@


  1. masak sebarang jak deng~ haha :D
    jadila k ngisik perut org umah..hehe