Monday, August 9, 2010

soooo tired!

lists of some 'workouts' that i did it similar to yours? i wonder....

  1. same things i did every weekdays morning +.+
  2. go to class (for only about 30 mins) ~.~
  3. out of the class (got something more important to do tho~ family matter)
  4. pick azman at his home (sbb mntak tolong beliau..huaa! thnx my fren!)
  5. take my father to hospital (berangkut aie! mek 2 ng kuat! :P)
  6. balik dr hospital (we did the same thing~ berangkut...)
  7. minum pagi ckit, kueh lenggang, kueh cara n begedil..not to forget aek pisang..hehe
  8. pasang single bed k bapak (luckily got 2 men in this house that time : wa atta n azman)
  9. kemas2 rumah >
  10. memandikan orang-orangan~
  11. mandik kejap
  12. headed back to class AGAIN~
  13. I SLEPT THE WHOLE TIME IN CLASS>> bagus boh trn jak~ hahaha :D


  1. moi..gmbate ne!!
    kita kan ng kuat hadapi cbaran!!

  2. oke isma! kita NANG KUAT! huhu :))